Nightly Crypto Report: Off and On


Bitcoin got off track a bit by invalidating its 2nd wave-(v). But it is now back on track with reset top in wave-(iv).


Bitcoin invalidated the 2nd wave of (v) and reset wave-(iv) but is back on track with a new top in (iv) right at the top of resistance.  $23,875 is the ideal target for (v) of circle-i. 


Ether held wave-2 of (5) and should reach $1575 to complete circle-1. 


Wave-5 appears to be in progress which should take the pair down to between 0.055 and 0.059. Breaking over 0.065 in a sustained manner suggests that the pair may have bottomed.


GBTC is really stretching out the B of its third wave. It is considered a B up to $19.85 and over that level, circle-2 will be reset.

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