Nightly Crypto Report: Decision Forthcoming

If Bitcoin is going to hold $62,745 it should reverse this weekend.


Bitcoin is filling in wave-(5) and should test $62,745 very soon. Barring an impulsive reversal without breaking that level, I assume it is headed toward $55K. We need a clear impulse back over $67,300 to indicate that Bitcoin is back on track to $88K. 


Ether should be working on b of ((b)), but has just chopped in a tight range intraday. This is the clearest bullish nanostructure in both coins at the moment. As expressed over many days, I doubt this setup holds. However, once I see an impulsive structure over $3415, my view will change, and I'll roll support up on the path to $4040.


ETHBTC is bouncing in b of ((b)). Wave-((b)) ideally holds 0.047. That level is likely tested by c.

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