Nightly Crypto Report: Beginning of the Correction's End?

Bitcoin and Ether fell through the floors formed over the last few days. Hopefully, this is the start of completion to this neverending correction.


Though $28,257 has not broken, I am inclined to remove the red count. I'll be forced to reconsider that move over $29,640. Nonetheless, despite today's move down, it is quite a ways to $28,500, the ideal level for wave-(iii) 


Ether hit the perfect fib for wave-(iii) but looks incomplete, so there may be one more nano low before (iv) starts.


It takes five waves over 0.065 to indicate that wave-(C) has bottomed. Until then, it should form wave-5 into the 0.058-9 region.


GBTC has moved down a little but shallow in comparison to the moves in Bitcoin and Ether. But at least circle-2 continues to hold.

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