New Stock Request Tool on Stock Waves!

New Stock Request Tool on Stock Waves!

Where else on the Internet can you type in a stock symbol and have an analyst respond back with qualitative analysis?

This has been happening for some time on Stock Waves, a service of ours on, but now our "stock request" service has gotten a lot simpler for both members and the analysts.

Just launched yesterday, the new "Request Stock Update" tool looks like a search box, but it is much more. Typing a ticker symbol into this field automatically runs a search for recent posts initiated by Zac or Garrett in Stock Waves with a chart.

If that is still not helpful or you feel there has been a significant change, you can then click to have this added to the request queue. 

Garrett & Zac get a notification, and then are able to post the updated chart and mark the request as complete, upon which the requester gets a notification that it has been posted.

This new feature improves the Stock Waves "stock request" function in several ways. 

1) The "forced search" eliminates requests for symbols already covered that same day.

2) Extraneous room posts are reduced since the requests no longer appear as posts. 

3) A queue system now lets Zac and Garrett know who's responding to which request, eliminating redundancy.

4) When they post the updated chart, it is a NEW thread that Zac or Garrett start, so those using strong filters will not miss updates.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature!