Memorial Day Tribute - Market Analysis for May 27th, 2018

Memorial Day Tribute

This weekend, I took the liberty of watching the movie “Ike: Countdown To D-day.”  Watching this movie struck an emotional cord within me on this Memorial Day weekend, which we each should feel to the depths of our being living privileged to be free men and women today.  We should each feel an immense and immeasurable sense of gratitude to the men and women of our military, along with their families who sacrifice so much alongside them.

The sacrifices made by the individuals on that day of June 6th 1944, and throughout the entire war, and throughout all of American history, have indebted each and every one of us to them and their families in a way we cannot and will not ever be able to repay.  The sacrifice made by them, their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children is something we can never fully appreciate, especially during the time in history in which we are all now blessed to live due to their selflessness. 

As I now am moved to write this heartfelt message, with tears streaming down my cheeks, I recognize that this is but only a small token of appreciation I may be showing.   To all those within the reaches of my words who have served in our armed forces or who have lost loved ones who have served in our armed forces, please accept my and my family’s deepest and most earnest felt gratitude for your service to our country and, indeed, to all of mankind.  It is due to your sacrifice that we proudly stand today and proclaim “let freedom ring.” G-d bless you, your families, and the United States of America.

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