HDI Receives Two Dividend Increases In Its Model Portfolio

Rida Morwa's High Dividend Investing (HDI) service at EWT (formerly called High Dividend Opportunities) has had two model portfolio holdings increase their dividends this past month.

After a solid portfolio performance and ongoing asset growth leading to a great financial performance, Saratoga Investment Corp (SAR) increased its quarterly dividends by 18% to $0.52 per share for the quarter ended on August 31.

Tekla Healthcare Investors (HQH) increased its dividends by 4% this past month due to its growing NAV. HQH's distribution policy is to pay out 2% of NAV each quarter, according to Rida, so as NAV grows, income grows, too.

"With the healthcare sector poised to outperform, HQH is a great opportunity to get a growing income," he says. "We are ecstatic about these raises since they represent more disposable income for us."

Rida adds, "Retirement is a time of bliss. Making your savings work for you is a prerequisite for a stress-free retirement. High Dividend Investing's Model Portfolio offers over 80 different positions with a combined yield of +9%. You can easily craft a highly diverse portfolio, which provides a livable yield for your joyful retirement."