About High Dividend Investing

Hosted by Will Barton & Rida Morwa

Will Barton Rida Morwa

HDI is the "must-own" service for income investors and retirees, with a model portfolio targeting a +9% overall dividend yield.

If you're new to HDI, you have taken the first big step towards unlocking what it means to discover recurring income from the market to meet and exceed your needs! This journey back to historical wealth generation has been forged by my team and I; we can't wait to travel down it together.

Our service provides you with the following:

  • Model Portfolio targeting +9% yield, which includes high dividend stocks, preferreds, and baby bonds.
  • Weekly Market Outlook discussing macro-economics surrounding the market and ways we can take advantage of mispricing towards out long term income needs.
  • Weekly Picks Report outlining the best high yield investments
  • Weekly Fixed-Income Report (Preferred Stocks & More)

With our unique Income Method, you get access to our "model portfolio" investing in common equity, preferred stock and bonds. We will help you locate the best opportunities in the market to generate outstanding recurrent income. Our community is committed to helping one another, so please don't hesitate to get involved right away!

The beauty of HDI is that we not only start you off with a great “model portfolio” to emulate, but we also provide articles to help you learn the Income Method and its foundational philosophies. Soon, you will see opportunities in the market you never would have considered before from the tools you gained by being a member. Below are some articles to get you started on your journey — please take a moment to review them.