EW Sentence Diagraming - Market Analysis for Jan 5th, 2023

"GC should try to get more of a b-c inside (iv) of the pink ED for circle wave c inside 3 of the LD for wave (1) of P.5."

That sentence is pretty dense. That does not mean it is not straightforward but it has a tremendous amount of content packed into a small space. So let's expand on it a little working backwards. Don't worry this is not like sentence diagraming...

P.5 - this refers to the Primary degree wave circle 5 that we are projecting off the 1625 region (Oct/Nov lows) targeting 2300+ over the next few years.

Wave (1) - we know the P.5 should be five waves, the subwaves inside Primary degree are Intermediate degree notated with parenthesis. (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5) inside the larger circle 5.

LD - This stands for Leading Diagonal. This is a five wave move where unlike a regular impulse the subwaves are all corrective moves and four can sometimes overlap one. More here

3 - without any modifier like "micro", "P.", or "(__)" one can assume this to be Minor degree, the subwave degree inside Intermediate. In this case the 3 inside (1) of P.5.

Circle wave c - This denotes Minute degree the subwave degree inside Minor. As mentioned above since (1) is being counted as an "LD" the subwaves inside this 3 are circle abc not i-v.

ED - This stands for Ending Diagonal. Same as LD above but in a final wave position at that degree so either a fifth or c-wave.

pink - I often use colors for subwaves inside another degree not as an alt but for emphasis. White is always my primary unless otherwise specifically noted. Also the smaller the degree the more uncertainty of path.

(iv) - This is the Minuette subwave four inside the Minute circle c. On the 15min chart ones can see a localized Fib tool showing "4v3" that is the Fib retrace percentage based on the measure of the (iii) in this case.

"b-c"- This is the "Sub-Minuette" subwaves inside the Minuette (iv). I would like to see more of a bounce soon as the b-wave and then a drop lower to the 1830 region as c of (iv).

GC - This is gold futures, but my charts say "QGC#" that is just how my data provider codes the "continuous" futures contract for GC.

QGC# - Primary Analysis - Jan-05 0818 AM (15 min)
QGC# - Primary Analysis - Jan-05 0818 AM (15 min)
QGC# - Big Macro Clean - Jan-05 0823 AM (1 day)
QGC# - Big Macro Clean - Jan-05 0823 AM (1 day)
QGC# - Primary Analysis - Jan-05 0818 AM (2 hour)
QGC# - Primary Analysis - Jan-05 0818 AM (2 hour)
Zac Mannes is a senior analyst at ElliottWaveTrader.net and co-host of the site's Stock Waves service, which provides wave alerts and trade set-ups on individual stocks.