Market Analysis for May 30th, 2018

I have neglected something. I don't micro count XXXBTC charts for so many reasons. But I do like to look at them at big inflections. As I have stated, the XXX part of XXXBTC outperforms when bullish and big reversals in those charts occur at important points. Case in point is the ETCBTC chart.

It had a big wave ii turn in April and put in a very bullish 1-2, i-ii. While both coins when down in wave 2's ( a little deeper fib wise in BTC), this chart has held that 1-2,i-ii. It really would take a lot to unend this chart. Even if it fails here, it could suggest my count is wrong and a 1-2 with an extended fifth before calling it bearish below .07. As long as .07 holds it is mega bullish and suggests not only a third, but heart of a third.

I'll try to scatter more of these into ongoing XXXUSD analysis. Just don't ask for micros. My feeds in Motive are still too young. But I can look at dailies to get a feel of where we are at. 

ETHBTC - Primary Analysis - May-30 0932 AM (2 hour)
ETHBTC - Primary Analysis - May-30 0932 AM (2 hour)
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