Market Analysis for May 30th, 2019

I want to point out potential interpretation of the EOS daily chart as we go into B1. I don't lean on this count but it is an alt I had stopped watching. Needless to say I want to be ready...

In this interpretation we have a leading diagonal that completed at $6. Note this aligns with the LD completing in EOSBTC on the same date. 

The big 'con int his count is that circle 3 of that diagonal is really too short and not complex enough, and not clearly an ABC. The big pro is the clear hit at the 38.2% extension and the confluence in circle 1 off of 2 for the 100% extension at $59. 

One key line of demarkation of invalidation is now breaking the bottom of ii, and actually should not breach $6.17, ideally. 

This is not my primary view based on the poor quality of the third wave. 

There is also a third alt where our leading diagonal contiues to subdivide up to $14.57 before a major pullback. And, that can be seen as well aligned with BTC. 

EOSUSDT - Alternate 1 - May-30 0812 AM (1 day)
EOSUSDT - Alternate 1 - May-30 0812 AM (1 day)
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