Crypto Service Cracks Elite List In Just 3 Months On Seeking Alpha

In just 3 months since launching on Seeking Alpha, Ryan Wilday's Cryptocurrency service is now the 13th largest out of 182 services in SA's Marketplace.

The service, co-hosted with Jason Appel and called "Crypto Waves" on SA, joins two other EWT services in cracking the Top 15 list in Marketplace, with Stock Waves now #15 and Avi's "The Market Pinball Wizard" #3. All three mirror their respective services on EWT.

"As we all know, Seeking Alpha is a platform for fundamental analysis. Yet, it seems we have broken the glass ceiling on Seeking Alpha," wrote Avi Gilburt. "I think it is quite an accomplishment that a bunch of Elliottician’s have managed to take their 3 services into the top 15 out of 182 total services being offered on the Seeking Alpha Marketplace."

Said one Cryptocurrency member (cfcp) on SA this week: "This subscription has been my best investment of the year!"

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