Can EW Predict a Delay in Election Results?

If you are an EW skeptic still... avert your eyes.


The following is HIGHLY speculative and potentially even apocryphal.

Since June I have been looking for a significant low in broad markets into/around early November b/c of a certain #catalyst. Whether we are completing an ABC into Nov as (2) or back in June I was considering potentially getting all of the (2) and even a 1-2 of (3) into Nov  more similar to 2016.

But the extension of (1) and current shape of some charts imply that there is potential for an ABC for (2) to drag out past early Nov.

I am going to postulate that this might be an early indication by the markets as viewed through the lens of EW that the results of the election and thus the actual #catalyst might be delayed well into Dec.

So instead of a green (2) bottoming the day after, we could TOP in a B and have a violently choppy yellow C down.

#GrainOfSalt #ButThePotentialIsThere

INDU.X - Primary Analysis - Oct-02 1316 PM (4 hour)
INDU.X - Primary Analysis - Oct-02 1316 PM (4 hour)
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