CPI gave us exactly what we were looking for.

On my SPX/ES and QQEW & NQ charts I have already shifted like Garrett to make the blue 1-2 the primary (blue for emphasis on diagonal structure for the whole (5) off June).

I will probably switch to that here too, but as previously discussed the subwave path up should be VERY similar whether this is (a)(b)(c) up for the vth of 1 in an LD, or the start to a of 3 in a larger ED.

In the vth of the LD this is likely the start of (b). In the blue ED, this is more likely just the b of (a) of circle a.

RSP - Primary Analysis - Sep-13 0837 AM (1 hour)
RSP - Primary Analysis - Sep-13 0837 AM (1 hour)
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