Big Winning Week for Stock Waves Earnings Calls

Stock Waves' earnings calls had an outstanding week. Of the calls with a specific directional move on earnings, there were 14 winners out of 18.

Winners included BLDR (+20.7%), UPST (+14.7%), TWLO (+8.7%), GO (+23%) and RLBX (+24.4%), all of these down calls from early in the week, plus CROX (+11.2%), an up call.

Overheard this week on Stock Waves:

"Very profitable bearish calls today, Zac!” --PaZa
"You have been on a roll. Awesome” --Southernboy
"Thanks Z! I got in on this and several others you'd mentioned today. FANTASTIC stuff!!!!” --DarrenS
"It sure looks like the StockWaves service has the hot hand right now" --JumpStart
"You guys are killing it!" --Custom50Ford
"Love these earnings calls" --Gruby