Market Analysis for Feb 12th, 2022

Stock Waves earnings calls this week yielded a 69.9% winning ratio, with 93 winners versus 40 misses.

The biggest winners among stocks moving in co-hosts Zac Mannes' and Garrett Patten's anticipated direction after releasing earnings were CHEF +11.5%, AVYA -22.2%, CGC +10.9%, SGEN -15.1%, EMKR -28.3%, IRBT -15.4%, TWLO +11.5%, DDOG +15.9%, NSP- 15.8%, GDDY +10.1%, ZG +16.7%, NWL +12.5%, COOP +18.3%, and GT -23.9%.

In addition to the earnings calls, Stock Waves added nine more Wave Setups this week from its "2022 Shopping List," posted on Jan 28.

"There are now active WaveSetups for over half of them and many more have solid moves off Jan 24-28 lows that should fully confirm a significant bottom in place once they hold corrective consolidations," Zac explains.

Overheard in Stock Waves this week:

"I got in right at the bottom with your post on [RELI] Zac.
What an awesome move so far and it barely looks like a small blip on the chart at this time."  --Keto

"Wonderful call on TWLO Lyn & Zac;big 20% pump after-hours on earnings, looks like I got into a vertical call spread just in time :) --CatJo

"Great call on [GDDY], wouldn't have been on my radar otherwise.  Has been pretty rock solid through all the 4 mess too (so far)."  --ryanpusc