Market Analysis for Jul 6th, 2021

Current performance from Ricky's recent Best In Breed Bonus Setups.  Are you able to outperform?

Need with help marketing...hiring interns in exchange for alpha/bonuses/education. Spots limited 😉  

Jokes aside, some of these are getting close towards their respective +15-20% target zone. Tighten up.

NVDA remains the best performer from best in breed setups going into Summer as we expected given the context.

NVDA  + 29%

ADBE +11%

AMZN +9%

PYPL +8%

REGN +9%

SE +1%

VRSN +4%

AAPL +9%

AMD +9%


Educational context/prior threads for you to understand/optimize: 

Last freebie for long weekend

NVDA is the best in breed chart going to summer. Very bullish 🚀 

Just finished scanning through all Nasdaq 100 stocks, which reaffirms my expectations that NQ will likely outperform vs other US indices moving forward as I've been pounding the table lately.

In addition, there's many setups that have completed/completing their multi-week consolidation setup and getting into acceleration phase. This is within the context that some high flyers are already resting at ATHs and grinding higher. 

14k+ NQ is uncharted territory and can explode to 15k (roughly +7% move) for summer-year end easily if things do their respective continuation models.

Sharing 6 very bullish setups that are beginning to accelerate and for you to do additional homework on (weekly timeframes):

ADBE, AMZN, PYPL, REGN, SE, VRSN. All looking for minimum +15-20% upside. Enjoy 👇 

Ricky Wen is an analyst at, where he writes a nightly market column and hosts the ES Trade Alerts premium subscription service.