Market Analysis for Jun 29th, 2021

Good morning, this is your captain Rick speaking, final boarding call for CVS before the liftoff attempt. 📣 

Now, $84.  At this point, likely dead wrong/not immediately ready if below $76. Same $110-110 target, then re-assess.

Prev thread June 15th:

Generously shared many freebies, but zero shoutouts lately. Might need to hire a marketing intern soon 😈 

CVS - a buying opportunity on any dips moving forward. Now, flagging aggressively around $83-85 on weekly TF.

Bonus shared at $78 on May 3rd before breakout into $90. $110-110 target remains do-able.

Initial thread May 3rd:

Sharing last bonus for today, want you to some time to do homework here to see if it fits your own assessment:

I think I mentioned CVS a couple months ago. Either way, it's still doing the same ongoing multi-month breakout pattern

Decent risk vs reward...intermediate-long term swing long.

Looking for $100-110 tgt. Now, $78 CVS

Likely too weak/wrong if below $65....meaning more consolidation ahead instead of breakout

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