Market Analysis for May 24th, 2021

A quick snippet on how Ricky actively trades intraday, short-term and manage his own longer term portfolio approach (even shared many free bonuses in his service)👇 

Current context/facts: NQ topped on April 29th (14064). Bottomed on May 13 (12915), higher lows formed on May 19th (12954)

ES topped on May 7th (4238), bottomed on May 13th (4029), higher lows formed on May 19th (4055)

April 30th - US market need to start hedging, AAPL GOOGL FB MSFT ran up for many weeks, likely need a breather

Apr 30 09:22:03

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The current mindset or bias for month of May is that it could be a lot of sideways/consolidation/digestion action for the first 2 weeks then it could start to take ramp again. This means that some high flyers like the megacap stocks that's been running for a few weeks now making higher highs almost every week...could be a good spot to start hedging. Notable train rides such as AAPL, GOOGL, FB, MSFT so make sure you understand what overall risk exposure and adjust accordingly if you have similar conviction/bias. (these names have been running for 4-5 weeks straight since the last significant basing pattern)

I still haven't seen the April monthly closing print so we'll reassess on weekend/Monday's report.

May 19th - US market hedges covering/take profits/rotate back heavily into tech.

May 19 09:47:37

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Based on May seasonality stats over past 20+ years and the current market context...

Current time to May month end is a great place to start covering/take off some hedges especially if you've been running an uber bullish portfolio like the notable AAPL, GOOGL, FB, MSFT. They've now been in 3~ weeks consolidation pattern after an excessive 4-5 weeks previously.

May 20th analysis - Very bullish multi-day bottom establishing on ES+NQ...heading into month end + June 

May 20 10:37:32

Zooming out a little, I think everybody needs to be on same page here

My preliminary thoughts heading into next week's May month end+June coud be summed up as:

ES+NQ developing a multi-day/multi-week bottom with the current context of...ES 4029 vs 4055 lows, NQ 12915 vs 12954

Note: both indices still within last week's massive range...inside week  (ES 4238.25-4029.25,NQ 13752-12915)

Meaning this could take another 1-2 weeks of basing or it could elect to do a V-shape recovery (common over past 10 years once bears get trapped, weak hands get shaken out and forced to loop squeeze...etc)

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