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Convex Institute ElliottWaveTrader
Leo Valencia

ElliottWaveTrader analyst Leo Valencia has developed a complete cycle of online courses for all levels of options trading. Leo's options courses are now offered though his educational company, Convex Institute. Whether you're just getting started in the options world or wish to master sophisticated strategies, the Convex courses will make a savvy and skilled options trader.

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Beginners Level

This 5-hour course combines a strong understanding of options fundamentals with practical applications that use real options data. The focus is directional trade design with options and effective risk management while maximizing their earnings potential.


Intermediate Level

This 5-hour course focuses on option spreads and their gamma multi modal behavior. Spreads are used to enhance directional strategies and also to express neutral thesis. This is a comprehensive course in both theoretical knowledge and practical applications.


Master Level

In this 7-hour course you will learn to trade volatility and perform statistical arbitrage trades exploiting inefficiencies present in the volatility surface. Also, you will be able to master the design of systematic strategies for the extraction of Skew and Variance Risk Premium.