ES Trade Alerts

Hosted by Ricky Wen

Ricky Wen

Trade Alerts in the Emini S&P 500 (ES) for intraday and 1-5 day timeframes.

What Members Receive:

  • Trade Alerts in the ES for intraday and 1-5 day timeframes posted to the room and tracked in a trade table.
  • Detailed Trading Game Plan delivered each night for the next session’s trading.
  • Bonus Setups in other equity index futures as well as commodity futures and selected individual stocks.  
  • Ricky’s Educational Insights on trading discipline, psychology, risk management, and much more!
  • Trade Notification Options, including email, sms and push notification.

About The Strategy:

Ricky Wen has a strategy of identifying high-probability trending patterns for momentum trading.  A key part of his strategy is timeframe alignment, in which he looks for three key timeframes (daily, weekly and monthly charts) aligning in the same direction. He then maps out projection charts for the next day's or week’s trend trade. He mainly trades with the ongoing trend. He only takes countertrend trades when the ES is at major resistance or support levels, especially when combined with his proprietary extreme oversold or overbought hourly signals.

If the trend is strong, Ricky will establish a core 1-5 day “swing” position seeking to capture a majority of the week's trending move. In addition, he utilizes intraday “scalp” positions seeking 15-30 ES points, which is dependent on the market volatility or average daily range. He is also sensitive to range-bound traps as well as key intraday periods (10:30-11:30 am and 1:30-2:30 pm) of potential LOD/HOD signal prints.

Ricky employs strict risk management techniques, never risking more than 2.5% in the overall ES account per position (scalp and swing together).  He sets stops and targets to risk 8-15 points for 15-30 points of potential reward in a scalp trade, and 20-30 points risk for 50-100 points reward in a swing.   To avoid countertrending risks, he will only allow up to three losing trades in a row going for the same direction intraday.


Thank you for the great educational posts Ricky.”
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