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The Cryptocurrency Trading service features analysis and trade alerts on cryptocurrencies, hosted by Ryan Wilday. Ryan focuses primarily on Bitcoin and Ether, with charts ranging from 5-minute to daily, but also covers other large-caps like Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, BSV, and Tezos down to the 1-hour charts. Ryan covers any small-cap coin by request, provided he can pull in solid data, as well as the Greyscale Investment Trusts, (GBTC, ETCG, ETHE, and the like) and blockchain stocks. In addition to his intraday analysis, Ryan provides a nightly report six times a week and a weekly webinar which is recorded. See important notice about Risk Considerations.

About Ryan Wilday

Ryan Wilday

Ryan has over 17 years experience trading equities, futures and options. He was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. Though he read Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle in the early 2000's, he didn't make practical use of the theory until joining EWT in 2015. Today he melds his deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball.

Key Intro Articles

Thoughts on Using the Service

I wanted to put this together for new folks coming on. We haven't had too many come on since the trial but we are holding steady over 200 people. So, I want to have this to point to. So here goes: Know The Asset Class. As I said in the webinar this is an uegulated market (though now partially) and probably the most high beta asset you might find besides options. So, try to give yourself emotional and financial room in each trade. I also advise generally keeping very little of your assets in the market until you get comfortable. This is also a market that never sleeps.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 years ago

Trading Elliott Basics with Cryptos

This post is not for the veterans here. That is unless you never created a trading plan. If you haven't start. But, I got a PM today that was clear the person didn't have a handle on trading the wave counts. So, want to give some quick basics. This is the way I do it. You'll find many more examples of styles. First, the universally bad way to trade Elliott wave counts is to see an analysts price targets, go all in and hold til you get there. While it may sound ridiculous to many, it has been done. In fact I was so impressed with the accuracy when I first got here that I tried it.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 years ago

Getting Your Feet Wet in Cryptos

Reposting this article Avi and Ryan wrote a while back on Seeking Alpha so we get it archived in our Crypto education section. Getting Your Feet Wet In Cryptos By Avi Gilburt and Ryan Wilday Originally published Oct 20, 2017 on SeekingAlpha I want to begin this new series on crypto-currency by introducing my co-author, Ryan Wilday. Please feel free to click on his name to "follow" him, as he will likely be providing you with analysis of this market on Seeking Alpha in the future. In 2012, with twelve years of trading behind him, Ryan had no interest in, or knowledge of, crypto currency. However, a chat with a programmer friend about Bitcoin peaked his curiosity.
by "rich" - 2 years ago

Additional Articles

Trading Lesson Refresh - Market Analysis for Oct 15th, 2020

We're slow and I have not posted a trading lesson in a while, so time for a refresh of old lessons. This should be familiar for OG's. I'm going to pick on my XMR count which was posted below. It's a chart I am not intimate enough with to get more in the weeds so I have uncertainty in my analysis. Actually all analysis has uncertainty. That's markets but it's exacerbated when you are not intimate with a chart. But in my work, unless you are scalping, I gave you enough information to work off of. As stated, over $101 both counts are valid. This means below it, red can be eliminated, and a top in white is likely.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 weeks ago

Revisiting GBTC - Market Analysis for Sep 23rd, 2020

I wanted to circle back on GBTC with the bearish outcome growing. If you followed along, you should be well acquainted with the red B wave top which has been presented on my 6H charts since March. The issue I have with this count now, is that C of red B is shorter than A. That isnt a hard rule break but is lower probability. Further, what happens if BTC holds $5700 in an E wave, or C wave in a triangle and thats all the downside we see? In this case, I like white or orange. White would fit if BTC is in an E wave down as that will bring a breakout later this year.
by Ryan Wilday - 1 month ago

Market Analysis for Aug 19th, 2020

PSA- Folks are getting back to putting requests on the board. Or, maybe we have new members which is understandable. Remember, I have the whole site open as I'm a 'member' benefitting from the work on chartsI don't keep myself. This site has amazing talent!. That means my feed is FULL not just of crypto. Please put requests in 'Request Symbol Update' in the top LEFT corner. Otherwise, consider a request on the board as a crap shoot, I may or may not see. I have sometimes had my feed in crypto and seen requests over a week old. No joke. It's not my intention but I'm a busy boy. :).
by Ryan Wilday - 2 months ago

Market Analysis for Aug 9th, 2020

For some people, apparently, I am not doing 'my job' in chasing hot charts. 1. Belief in such expresses a lack of understanding regarding what it takes to make it in trading long term in trading. That is, if a chart structure doesn't offer a clear risk plan, why trade it? Get rich quick? But I am happy to oblige you in a self guided way. 2. I cannot follow all charts. Just not practical bandwidth wise. I've played with scans, but find in cryptos they show me too much crap I have to sift through. I keep playing with scans in my spare time which is thin. 3.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 months ago

WELCOME (the reprise)

Welcome I haven't updated this post in a bit, and I know we've had an influx of new people so thought I'd update this. Welcome aboard and be sure to ask if questions. If you are new to our rogue band of crypto traders, I welcome you. For a little history, I was a member of Avi’s market room, and a couple other services here, starting in 2015. I started posting crypto charts using EW by 2016 in the main room. I had known the theory for 20 years but really learned how to apply it here.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 months ago

Trading Chop - Market Analysis for Aug 4th, 2020

Quick word for those new to trading, or particularly for those new to EW analysis. Often sideways action leaves so little clarity in structure that there is little edge in whether the asset will break to support or just grind up and out in a choppy overlapping structure, called a diagonal in EW talk. The tactic in this situation, if support matters to your trading is simple: 1. Ignore the entire correction and wait if the support level for the consolidation is too small of a timeframe for you to care. For example, to my core BTC position this timeframe is too small to care. For my ETH scalps, it does matter. 2.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 months ago

Find a Process, and Trust the Process

This has been a constant meditation this week that I am sharing with you. I've been reading through Annie Duke's 'Thinking in Bets' for a month or so. I'm bad that way. I pick up a book and have so much going on in my life it takes months to finish it, even if I love it. But I digress. Her book is about managing life and decision making probabilistically from a person who is a world class poker player, and 'almost Phd in Psych'. It's not a trading book but the connection is obvious and she has spoke to trader groups and hedge funds. Note, If you are aware of her shady side, I am too.
by Ryan Wilday - 2 months ago

Market Analysis for Jul 30th, 2020

For having a bullish market, I'm receiving far too much rudeness and seen far too unprofessional, spam posts and replies. I used to be very tolerant. I now find my past tolerance unproductive. Remember: 1. Your membership fee does not make me a punching bag. Complaints must be sent to info@elliottwavetrader.net. We can have a discussion after hours if needed. 2. If you are not making money, start looking side, stop and listen more carefully.You'll see many members are making money. I am too. 3. I will use tools at my disposal if you are out of line. They are not pleasant are are necessary for my own productivity and to keep an atmosphere of professionalism. 4.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 months ago

Playing PUMPS - Market Analysis for Jul 6th, 2020

Teaching post- It seems most here have like me started to ignore alt pumps that give no signal of sustainability, like the recent one in VET. I have very little interest in catching junk in a run until I've studied the chart for edges. But I can say if you want to play them you have to catch them early. One method is when the daily 8MA crosses the 20MA. In my experience, averages are completely useless for supports, unless you bespoke them to the asset. But averages do a decent job of demonstrating trend direction, and strength. If you are buying way above that cross up, you're fully chasing and should be prepared to lose it all.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 months ago

Market Analysis for Jul 1st, 2020

Just a reminder vacation starts tomorrow. I'll be on the board less until the 10th, and we'll miss one webinar.
by Ryan Wilday - 3 months ago


Where Is Bitcoin Going Next? - Feb 4, 2020

Ryan shares his current analysis on Bitcoin and whether the next key bottom is behind us, having anticipated the bottom in Bitcoin at $3,000 in late 2018 and the top at $13,900 in mid-2019.

Trading Timeframes with Elliott Wave - Apr 27, 2018

Ryan Wilday talks about how he applies this knowledge of Elliott Wave to managing his cryptocurrency model portfolios in multiple timeframes, making long-term holds, swing trades, and short-term 'scalps' as part of this trading repertoire.

Applying Elliott Wave to Crypto Trading - Jan 17, 2018

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Crypto Trading for Beginners - July 27, 2017

This 1-hour Webinar by Ryan covers the following:

  • What is a Crypto currency?
  • What are the unique benefits and risks of Crypto trading?
  • How can you enter the Crypto market?
  • Does Elliott Wave work with the Crypto markets?

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