What Is Your Primary?

Note this is not calling anyone out, but is educational. I was asked this morning, so this came to mind. 

I get asked a lot 'what is your primary?', or 'Which way are you leaning?' While it may sound cold, it is my view that the necessary answer is 'It doesn't matter.' The reason I answer this way is because I find subscribers are often looking for 'the answer' vs. looking for risk. Trading successfully requires that you know you are swimming in a sea of probability, and there is no certainty. But there is probability. Given that, when I have an alt, it means there is a reasonable probability it occurs, so I must have it in my tradeplan. It is a dangerous response to look at any count with a focus on what you can make without counting the cost to your account if support is hit and then broken. 

Further, as I say, I fade my own leaning as much as I find myself in wise moments. Shouldn't you do the same? 

I highly suggest you learn to take both my counts (or more if there are more), and learn how to manage the risk contained in the structures I'm suggesting. If you move away from EW as a predictive tool, and instead treat it as a means to structure your trades around risk to reward, you will start to see the wisdom in this, and you'll no longer be concerned about all the potentials. 

Ryan Wilday hosts the Crypto Waves service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.