Market Analysis for Nov 21st, 2017

I really have little to update in my scans right now, so will write up on wallets I'm using: Nothing here is an endorsement. I have checked each of these out as much as possible for flaws and viruses before using. But that doesn't mean I didn't miss something. 

For all wallets, I have my private keys stored off my machine on a thumbdrive in my safe, then I have them split in two, encrypted and hidden under personal files on two separate cloud storage servers, with emails that are not on my phone. 

1)  Ledger Nano S (own 3) for:

     a) Ether and its ERC-20 tokens, w/ as a UI (currently I have LUN, Storj, ADX, MCO, PAY all successfully sent there

     b) Ether Classic

    c) Litecoin

    d) Dash

    e)  Ripple

    f) ZCash

    g) Bitcoin

2) I use Coinomi on an android tablet. This was advised against by a subscriber due to android flaws. I rarely have it on actually and have my addresses written on my computer. You dont' need to have the wallet online to receive your coins. It is received on the ledger without you seeing it. Currently holds GAME, XZC, XVG, DGB,  and OK. I dont' have enough there to care about. Read good things about Coinomi security, Android not so much. Ios is supposed to be forthcoming but has been for a while. 

3) for several coins on my mac desktop. Really easy to use. I'm a little uncomortable with how much is there, so going to size down. 

4) I'm using QT wallets on my mac desktop for Stratis, Neblio, Pivx, and Qtum. All these are available on their sites. 

5) I'm using Lisk's wallet from there site. There is a fake one around so make sure to go to Lisk's site, not from google to the wallet. 

6) Waves from their site. 

7) XLM: Black wallet 

8) Rise and Shift 

9) I also use Metamask but more as an interface for Ether delta and maybe more decentralized exchanges in the future. 

10) STEEM. Stored on the wallet on STEEMIT the social media site. 

I think that covers it. 

I also think Coinbase's Vaults seem smart but haven't used them yet. 

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