Trading Styles - Market Analysis for Jul 17th, 2019

I think some folks 'freeze' when they see a strong candle but I say no impulse. That's one option. Remember, I was dehedging and tranching into these recent lows. I'm already in profit in many of those trades. I already took half my GBTC off at roughly 5% return. Now, I'm rolling up stops on trades I'm keepping. (.764 between current price and the bottom), or 50% of the third if there is a 1/A-2/B. Whether you trade this way or not, is up to you. It is more dangerous. I manage risk by going small, then building on the trade if it turns impulsive, and pulls back correctively. Some do well to wait for clear impulse. The problem is sometimes that three wave move starts a diagonal. You just don't know until complete. This is the conundrum and something you'll need to figure out, with respect to what is best for you. This is the trader's journey. 

Note I do not post these trades as they are 1) too risky and 2) too small to manage manually in the tables on the site. 

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