Tip of the Day

Have a read of Hoser's post overnight. 

Remember, to keep my tables simple for me to manage, I'm giving you the entry tightest to the stop I just can't manage multiple entries in tables on all these trades. I need to trade too, not just post. 

But back to the December 1st Swing trade video, you can start tranching from here to the limit. I haven't put position triangles on my charts. I'll get back to that on charts I see a good trade on. But remember, as long as you keep your largest position for near the stop, you're trading safely, and should minimize drawdown if the trade doesn't take. Further, if the market is bullish we won't get deep into the support zone. Tranching light but early in that situation gets you a position in such conditions. I can't manage that for you. This is a practice you need to learn. 

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