Tentative Webinar May 24 6PM EST

Since we will likely embark on a third wave very soon, per request from Hoser7, and I think a great idea, I will cover the following topics. Note this may shift as we go. But the overall goal will be to help you capture return and give as little back as possible.

[Insert paste from Hoser7]

Quick partial list of topics...

*Ideas about how much of positions to exit given the "winter" possibility -- potential deep pullbacks + potential extended time period.

*Levels to tranche out at, and how to divide up the tranches.

*How much of profits to take vs. how much to re-enter on pullback.

*How to handle moving profits -- USDT, fiat cash, etc.  Also, which exchanges are best for handling the various ways to hold the profits and such.

Again, this kind of stuff has been covered before, but given the "winter" potential, having a good discussion of all this stuff together, lead by Ryan, would be really nice.  It's clear a lot of people are going to be handling exits differently this time given the "winter" potential, so it's a good opportunity to cover all this kind of exit-related stuff in one big go.  I think we can all learn a lot from a good deep discussion -- from Ryan, from the pros in the room, and from one another.

Ryan Wilday hosts the Cryptocurrency Trading service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.