Swing Lesson Reinforcement - Market Analysis for Jan 8th, 2019

While we are slow, I want to reinforce the swing lessons gave on the special swing trade webinar. I care less personally whether we are in a B wave top or a (1)-(2). To manage this I am positioned lightly. High B waves are not a bearish phenomenon. They are frustrating, not bearish. I have support for 1(1)-(2) below. This is the pivot between the two. The first arrow aims there. Below the box, then we are likely taking the lower arrow back to wave 2 in red. For me, I keep it light here, and I'll build bigger into the wave 2, if we get that low. Simple as that. I will not be heavy on leverage except near a support so I can take it off quick at a small loss if needed.  

I may also choose to counter scalp here and there as warranted, but I try to keep this core position very simple, as I may not be awake for the appropriate scalping opportunity. So, the core position size needs to be managed. 

ETHUSD - Primary Analysis - Jan-08 1152 AM (30 min)
ETHUSD - Primary Analysis - Jan-08 1152 AM (30 min)
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