Strategy Notes June 5, 2018

Note I'm not feeling well. Was up in the middle of the night and other symptoms. Be easy on me ;)

1) The low struck last night looks better for the stronger alts: Ether, XRP, BTS, EOS, to name a few, but clearly not in BTC. I was going to write that I expected a micro low in BTC but went to the restroom, came back and there it is. So, let's see if we bottom in this area.

2). Note the post last night about running flats. This or a diagonal in our big guys are the only hope of bullish here. If we don't break the June 3rd highs soon, I will be very bearish intermediate term. But I will not jump to immediate judgement because a rally needs to happen to set us up for failure out of these divergent lows, Unless we smash the divergence and sell in earnest here and now. 

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