Stages of a Diagonal

Taking this slow market to do a quick Educational post. 

We've traded a number of diagonals in crypto land over the last few months. I'm always at advantage, knowing what was coming. I positioned very early in the A waves of these diagonals, took some heat, added, and pressed the trade on the C wave. the C wave of a diagonal is where the trade really ramps up. Also, on the C wave we are able to use our 'standard impulse' fibs to target the trade more accurately. I sensed many days of consternation as alts rose and fell in the early stages of the diagonal, in the A and B. That is because the A and B skirt the bottom trendline most often and never take flight. 

Again, as I have said, I never trade diagonals so aggressively in equities unless they are clearly big in range. But cryptos put big percentile ranges in every structure. 

I wanted to illustrate that ramp here with a zoomed out view of ADX. But also, i wanted to point where some of our 'diagonal players' are in their various stages of their diagonals. I'm sure their are more, but we have a few on the cusp of the 'ramp stage at 1 of C. I am aware of one, Civic (CVC) that is still in its A wave. 

I hope this helps your future trading in a diagonal but please let me know if questions. 

Diagonal phases
Diagonal phases
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