Skew and Time - Market Analysis for Oct 18th, 2019

In preparation for tomorrow's webinar where we have question regarding what will outperform, I want to prime the pump with this post. Also, this post explains why after two years of the this service, I get much less excited about skew charts than I used to. The problem when we do a skew chart we may compare two targets and one may be higher than another, but the factor we don't know, is where time lines up. Until a pair of the higher skew chart begins to trend against the other, there is no way to say whether that skew is real. 

The bottom line in this market is so few charts have a reversal pattern vs. Bitcoin. The only potentials I have are ETH and EOS. Take a look at the NEO/BTC chart attached. NEO has mondo skew in USD. Further, it has the potential for outperformance vs. Bitcoin on the long term chart. However, since so many XXXBTC charts fail to keep an impulse, I am not willing to go on that. The brass tacks analysis of NEOBTC is it is locked in a downtrend. So, why the heck would you buy NEO vs. Bitcoin? I have no idea and I won't until NEOBTC stops trending down. And, although I am starting to tranche into EOS, I'll quit if the current bottom pattern fails. 

So, the bottom line is my answer if you want skew Today is buy bitcoin, buy bitcoin buy bitcoin. If you want to diversify long, then you look at the potential of the BTC chart. Which in that regard most charts are just oscillating. 

The bottom line in this market is that is culling small cap alts and turning many charts into bearish trends. I have talked about this all years so it should not be a suprise. 

So, in answering the question tomorrow, so few charts have potential vs. Bitcoin. Even the bullish LINKBTC chart, given the LINKUSD chart, is just very short term outperformance before LINKUSD begins to fail. So, this is a very tough question. The best I can see from this market is that it has voted in Bitcoin as the chief and most quality of all cryptos with the bests lasting power. 

NEOBTC - Primary Analysis - Oct-18 0938 AM (1 day)
NEOBTC - Primary Analysis - Oct-18 0938 AM (1 day)
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