Skew Charts - Market Analysis for Jan 2nd, 2019


I'm going through the skew chart, and honestly, there is no real reason to update this, but I'm going to keep working on it. Use the last one under the CryptoLT tag and I'll keep working on this as we're slow. The only adjustments I'm inclined to make is down select degrees in terms of time, for some of the top skew coins from the last update. This is not a change to skew, but I don't see some of our bigger skew charts running very hard here, so, I'm putting in a close in lower degree based on the current micro count. To those that don't understand EW, may look at it and think I went bearish but I just went conservative on time. Those in this category so far are SC, XDN, BAY for example which were at the top of the last chart, but they are not bearish at all. 

The most important question is not skew chart, but will our bottom hold. If it doesn't then there is a real reason for an update. 

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