Security Thread - Market Analysis for Dec 12th, 2017

I have heard this week that there is a big influx of new subscribers, so I just want to start this thread for some security discussion, especially for some folks new to this. I'm working on a security doc but very behind. But let's cover some basics:

1) Keep your machine free of viruses. 

2) Once you setup a crypto account, bookmark it and never click a link off Google (after you have credentials). Phishing sites exist to steal your credentials. 

3) Provided you use a mobile device, always use 2FA. Make sure you backup (secretly) that key provided for each exchange at time of setup. If you lose it you can be locked out. 

4) I highly suggest creating a new email for each account. (example Indicates exchange so I remember. No, sorry, that's not real but you get the point. 

5). Consider when you become large and care about your funds, buying a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano, or Trezor. It can be $$$ well spent. You can take compatible funds off exchange. 

These are just the basics. I have a very elaborate security scheme myself. I'll talk about that in the document. If anyone wants to add to this in replies. Please do. If any questions, pleas reply. This discussion is important to have on going. 

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