S/R vs. Targets

Ellaborating on a comment I made in a recent reply, I want to make sure that everyone understands the difference between Support and Resistance (S/R), vs. a target. 

S/R are boundaries beyond which price is not likely to go if a count is valid. That doesn't not mean price should go to that box. 

Target is a forward projection. So, to take the current chart attached. The box is resistance, based on the move down and not a target. If we hold the A/B waves and push in C, I will have a more finite target for C. But that fact that it is a target means price SHOULD go there. If a market is really weak it will dodge  resistance, and likewise of support if very bullish. I've heard a few saying they are going to hold out for those higher 'targets' in GBTC to liquidate. But I have not called them targets. To call a region a target, I need some form of starting wave, an impulse or A wave. 

I hope this nuance is clear. I liquidated because I don't want to squeeze 40 cents out and risk a dollar or more. That is upside down, especially since i sold half near last week's top. 

I do my best to be specific language wise in this regard. 

XBTUSD - Alt B Wave - Dec-02 1030 AM (10 min)
XBTUSD - Alt B Wave - Dec-02 1030 AM (10 min)
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