Market Analysis for Aug 15th, 2019

For Bitcoin this is a bullmarket. I am extremely nimble in my trading and confident in how I manage my own positioning. I am not very long right now. And, have made selective shorts. But most don't do well spending their time getting in and out in a bull market. And if you are waiting for the very bottom, the market may morph against my count. Corrective waves are tricky and evolve. Scaling in and out, while holding a core, is generally going to be the best for all. And, as I have said, this is a bull market above $4300 so you simply need to count the heat you'll take there, and decide how much to hold. 

This principle should be your 'guiding light' if you are not a trader. 

Note, I am not ready to say alts are in a bull market. Obviously, as a whole, that is not true. We have a few selective charts performing. If you are holding a strong downtrend that is breaking the December low, you may be doing unnecessary harm to your PnL. But you'll need to decide what to do there. 

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