Market Analysis for Mar 23rd, 2019

Based on some of the requests this week, I want to put out some reminders: 

1) I have over 150 charts in my data set, and I have no human ability to know them all well.

2) To that end, I have committed to micro counting Ether and Bitcoin as a continual read on these highly liquid bellwethers whether bullishly poised or not. This has advantages to trading because they can be traded both directions more easily than most. A short position in either can hedge a decent portfolio. 

3) I am simply not going to be able to micro every chart. Nor, am I going to be able to provide an alt count on every chart. Most charts, I look at with a quick fibs, post and move on. This is particularly true if I see little of value. My time is valuable. I'l change that when I see it. Do I always see it? No, but I am human. 

4) I will at times, to my own advantage and yours focus on a few charts that are providing promising counts and following fibs closely. Simply because I can structure my risk to reward very quicky. You should pay attention to those charts I start microing. Why? I see something worthy of trading and I am making money. And, I am trying to teach you too.  LTC, and EOS are recent examples. BCH now. And, Dash is another popping up. Use that. Don't mourn the fact that I don't have a micro on your favorite coin. Why? Because likely it is not a solid chart yet. 

Further, there seems to be a few subscribers, typed as viewed by requests: 

1) Those that request for constant downtrends, I suppose hoping for a deal?

2) Those that request the latest pump. I suppose hoping to hop on a fast moving train and get off just in time for the dump?

3) Those that have been here long enough to know that my support and resistance can be used to accurately structure risk to reward in a trade. 

Which group do you think I believe will make the most money over time? The real value of Elliott Wave in my opinion is not prediction in my view, but structuring trading around a clear risk to reward equation. I know other way to maximize reward while taking minimal risk. The investing pundits out there would have you believe that making money in trading means maximizing risk, and this is not true at all. And, is a recipe for disaster. 

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