RECOMMENDED Study for New Members

I used to be in a better habit of this but it has come to my attention we've had some new users. First, congratulations for coming in near a potential bottom and not being part of the 25% growth in subscribers at the top. You have successfully fought against sentiment. 

Now, if new to EW, I really suggest reading Prechter and Frost's the Elliott Wave Principle. While I don't care for their application,but  their academic treatment of the subject is bar none. And, gives you the societal and physcological underpinnings of why this works, so you don't think this is voodoo. 

Next, as you have time, start to take in the webinars in education, particularly those by Garrett. He does a detailed job on techs, and patterns that will help a lot as you go. 

That's a lot, so I made two webinars I thought would get members up and running in this room faster: 

1) How to deal with my particular approach to EW analysis. (While I use Avi's Fib Pinball method, I have particular ways of communicating and trading it)

2) How to think about timeframes and EW fractals in trading, and figuring out what you'll be good yet.

Lastly, you can have the best analysis in the world, that is right often and lose money. And, you can have terrible analysis wrong most of the time and make money. If you use probability correctly. This is something I endeavor to teach, while also providing the best analysis I can. That's what these videos attempt to offer. It's all probabilities. 

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