Proposed Service Changes - Market Analysis for Sep 16th, 2017

We have close to 30 days in the service and I'm going to propose some changes to the service. I want feedback through the survey. Honestly, I'm ready for these changes but just want to know if there's a real sense of loss for a large amount of people. 

What you Lose: 

1. Random chart requests for this, that, and the other. This has become a real distraction for me and difficult to track. It is the most detremental thing I've done to my productivity and thereby service quality. 

2. Some of my socializing on the site. This will be the hardest. I enjoy, but it is effecting analysis quality.

What you Gain: 

1) A watchlist of 20 or so coins. The watchlist will be my choosing. Certainly if in the portfolios I will include in the watchlist. I will announce changes to the watchlist, but this will happen slowly. I will give fair warning on removal from the watchlist and phase out over a few updates so you can manage. All coins will be my choosing and not democratic based on manageable EW waves that have 'trustability'. I will take feedback, but reserve the right not to include, but promise I will consider. I will not debate.

2) I will organize myself around a more regular cadence of the hourly, daily, and weekly counts. 

3) , I will track in XXXUSD, and XXXBTC, or XXXETH. XXXETH will be for ERC-20 tokens for all coins. This allows 'for BTC / ETH' return and for 'for dollares return' traders to manage themselves. 

4) I will update counts at a regular cadence....1,2,3, everything is covered, unless something 'count changing' happens. I have also suffered a constant flurry to update counts when they didn't change. Xenia is my model for this with her morning and afternoon updates. That's not my cadence because I'll cover several more coins. But you get the point. 

My goal here is to improve productivity and quality, but to do so I need to focus. This came about from the return in BTC, versus dollars debate going on. I don't want anyone to be fooled into thinking they'll make a return in USD by buying tokens bullish in XXXBTC counts, while BTC is going to $500. (if it happens, we don't know if it will but it exists as a possibility in the long term count).

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