Market Analysis for Jul 30th, 2020

For having a bullish market, I'm receiving far too much rudeness and seen far too unprofessional, spam posts and replies. I used to be very tolerant. I now find my past tolerance unproductive. 


1. Your membership fee does not make me a punching bag. Complaints must be sent to We can have a discussion after hours if needed. 

2. If you are not making money, start looking side, stop and listen more carefully. You'll see many members are making money. I am too. 

3. I will use tools at my disposal if you are out of line. They are not pleasant are are necessary for my own productivity and to keep an atmosphere of professionalism.

4. If you are not professional a couple times, I tend to be very cautious interacting with you. You will lose my full attention TBH. I just don't have time for nonsense. 

Most complaints of late relate to my very cautious approach to trading, after all the false starts we've had trying to escape the bear market, failed alt coin counts, and my own experiences with a volatile equity curve. The latter I finally feel I put to sleep.  If you like riding like a cowboy, throw caution to the win, and let me know when you burn that bridge. I'm here for you if you are a professional. 

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