Market Analysis for Jan 10th, 2020

There is always a giant rash of this issue on busy days so I'm going to say it again. These days are where I'm so pressed to handle charts and my own trading, and I am least available for questions already covered. 

Where to buy? 

What's the entry?

What's the stop. 

Up, down?

I've been CLEARLY bullish all day. I have been posting several trades all day. If you don't see them turn on notifications. 

I'm sorry guys, but if you are jumping in the board and have not read a single post of mine, I will have no mercy on days like this I don't have the luxury. Please READ ALL the material to get caught up, then ask questions. I've been here since before sunrise in California covering this. 

And again, I am not calling any one person on this. When I get a rash of this I have say something. It just isn't respectful.  I hate to write in this tone, but I really need you guys to STOP and READ. Trading is not fast food. 

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