New Feature. - Market Analysis for Dec 8th, 2018

I found the triangle function in Motive. yeeeeah!. When I think there is a decent setup I'm going to place the triangle. on the chart. If I use a box it is just support for my count before I count it invalided. I'll only use the triangle if I can make some argument for an impulse. There is still a spectrum though, as with the EOS setup, if it has a nuance like that extended fifth, it is still legitimate, just questionable. If you are using the triangle, you need still rationalize the trade in your own plan. I am not hand holding. It may or may not fit your plan. Look at the risk (just below the triangle is the stop and the triangle upsdide down is the profit taking spot) at least partial. More triangles will appear when structure is more fill out. for other profit taking and support. If you get tied into triangles on the chart and you need to know where we are at, I advise specificially asking for a short term chart in requests. DO NOT ASK ME TO PUT TRIANGLES ON A CHART. If I left them off there is no setup.I like.  

REMEMBER A TRIANGLE DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL it means the risk to reward is good if you grab the trade near the stop and get out quickly if it goes south. Stops are just below the fib that is just below the triangle. 

Waves is in the zone. 

WAVESUSD - Primary Analysis - Dec-08 1241 PM (1 hour)
WAVESUSD - Primary Analysis - Dec-08 1241 PM (1 hour)
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