New Feature - Market Analysis for Nov 13th, 2017

After much thought over the weekend, I'm going to add a new feature to the service but going to take time to roll it out. For each of our main watchlist counts, defined by portfolio positions I'm going to include a 'Long View' at the end of my latest posts. I might sometimes Omit it when I'm working fast, but it will be there for a good deal of posts. But when there, it will give you the long term context EW wise, where we are, points of fibonacci confluence on the long term chart which really guide my short term view. I've taken to heart that some are missing that, and therefore not realizing why I call some counts 'high confidence' and others, not so much. I'm actually saddened that my survey suggested most of you didn't participate in the recent round of profit taking we had in big caps. So, I'm making this adjustment. It will also help you see that I have a major top in the market in view later this year or early next year. Further, it will help you ground yourself in what I'm saying with each semi-weekly update. 

Note that I'm only going to edit this view when warranted, so most of the time it will be Copy and Paste to manage my time. But that's fine because my long view rarely changes. 

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