My Take Into the Weekend

I'm still in watch mode right now. Most coins are holding over support. Ether broke the impulse but may hold a leading diagonal. Other little alts are clearly forming diagonals.  If we hold this region, apart from BTC, we should see a 5th wave rally over the weekend in most alts. It may be that BTC rallies in unison but 4th of C of (A). At that point I'll be taking profit over the weekend, and stand  aside for little wave 2's. I'll press the short trade in BTC. If 'unison' continues, BTC will drop in 5 of C, while the A waves of many of the alt coin's minor wave 2's begin. They should not take too long, might even be done before Monday, but i like to buy lower so will take some money off. This is pretty much consistent across all alts right now which is great. So, let's see what we get into the weekend and go from there. 

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