Make Trading Easy - Market Analysis for Feb 4th, 2020

This is a repeat and I'm going to push such lessons into your heads all through this bull run (tone is jest ) Don't be a hero and try to take full positioned binary trades (all in/all out) at the supposed target. SCALE IN. SCALE OUT. As we correct, imagine my box is a triangle. Let the size of your PREPLANNED trade, reflect the width of the triangle so your maximize risk is close to the stop just below the bottom of the triangle. Then if we don't see a deep 2, we'll see a rally along the arrow and get another pullback before the wild breakout. Add what is remaining there. This is just one way to do it. One can be more aggressive, and scalp here and there. But this is the simplest way I know for busy people. 

XBTUSD - Primary Analysis - Feb-04 1128 AM (6 hour)
XBTUSD - Primary Analysis - Feb-04 1128 AM (6 hour)
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