MY TRADE PLAN - Market Analysis for May 30th, 2018

Inspired by JAppel, I thought I'd share mine. 

You may know my past. Most of my crypto money in 2017 was made off trading Ether on leverage from $10 in 5-10 day positions nto the June peak. After June, on approach to the service I deleveraged. But started trading a portfolio of big and small caps much like the ones on the site. My return has slowed but I no longer have to worry about margin calls. So, this is the current tradeplan basics: 

1. Margin less than 1% of my account for some fun juice but no serious harm even if I lose it all.

2. I look for the big multi month inflection points, trading my daily counts mostly. I look to add into those big supports

3. Cash at big inflection points moves out of cryptos to other assets. 

4. Build long term positions at major points, and take heat down to major supports. 

5. Take some off at the first wave 1 up of lower degree (like May top). 

6. Add back at wave 2. 

7. 30% of ENTIRE position in the the third. 

8. Add half of that 30% back back at bottom of iv. 

9. MY plan currently is to take my crypto exposure to sub 10% at the top of the coming fifth of current degree and wait and see. Risk is increasing on many charts and even if we continue for another degree before a protracted decline the wave 2 on many can drop 90% for some charts. So, when I say protracted I mean time not price. A big retrace after the current degree is really needed anyway. Question is how long..4 months like recently? Or, 18 months or more?

Anything left will be in the big threes: EOS, MCO, STEEM, BTS. I may have nothing else, at least until I know where we're at. 

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