Long Term Strategy Tip

In response to Howell's comment below, I want do a bit of teaching...While it's really cool to buy a coin for the long term on the cusp of a large third wave, there's two sides to the coin. In the next rally, it's actually some of the fifths that are stronger plays here...potentially. If we're debating whether a coin is a fourth wave or a wave two, because of questions with respect to previous subwaves, and the shallowness of this correction, it is the 'fifth scenario' that will prove the fastest return, versus the third in the next rally. This is because we see 5ths extend in cryptos and you never want a 1 of three to overextend, or you have to start interpreting the chart as an ABC or at least suspect it of an ABC. You want the 1 of three to hold to the .618 extension, or .764 at worse. In the coins with this scenario, I've laid out both potentials and the v's usually target higher in the next run, while the thirds should play out for a much longer run. Given that we don't know the future, and we deal with such huge corrections, I personally want to maximize the bull run I expect to be forthcoming, not be concerned with the potential after that. What strategy you choose is up to you, but I want to give you this info so you are informed. 

Now, you may consider holding some of the 'third' for the long term in the correction. That's a strategic question, because at the next top, we may see less of a retrace, and certainly the long term skew should be better. But assuming that you get more out of the next run if we are looking at a big third, is not necessarily correct. And, if you look at my skew charts, those with thirds, may still have 50-70% corrections after the next run regardless, if they retrace from the .618 to the .236. And, after this long bear market, I'm going to be cutting my personal portfolio at the 1's of three's, down at least 70%.  And, anything I do hold will be income bearing crypto like STEEM.. 

Ryan Wilday hosts the Crypto Waves service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.