Large Cap Skew List

Here is the Large Cap skew list. Note I've added the labels for the count. This may not mean anything to you without looking at the chart, but as stated in a post earlier in the week, the primary wave 5's tend to have more upfront skew in the next degree, while the thirds, if they prove to be will give a more long term run. But that doesn't say we won't have any brutal corrections in between. 

Further, the last degree on the chart is very questionable. You can see the variation in multiple. I think it is too varied to be useful. But its there and will be edited later as the charts fill out. 

I put notes on right. Note that IOTA and BCH are going to get weeded out of the portfolio in the coming rally unless something better shows. They have both moved in threes, and as is typical in such charts, they have almost gone to new all time lows. this really make the challenge of targeting immense, and I don't make a trade I cannot structure, nor will I 'rep' something for the long termers on the site. But you may feel different. There should be nothing new here, i have warned about these charts for months, and they have performed accordingly, with seeking all time lows. 

I will gather the charts together and put in replies. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.18.46 AM
Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.18.46 AM
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