Hibernation, NOW OR LATER?

Guys....many questions about winter, and whether my targets are before winter. I think the metaphor is getting abused. I want to ask people to start to adopt a language that is 'Elliott Centric'. 

As I look at the WHOLE market, I see three choices. We stop in a B wave. (getting unlikely with so many 5up but have to watch). That is marked on this chart in terms of region. It's just an example. 

Then we have the first degree rally from current. 

Then the second. 

All my targets are for the second. But I can't guarantee whether we don't top in a B, and we dont' top after the first before a very protracted correction in time, while BTC is in a primary fourth wave. 

I hope this makes sense. I am putting the second degree on my skew charts, but they may not happen before BTC primary fourth. 

So, I openly suggest taking profit in all key regions. (B wave, 1st degree, 2nd degree). 

Note I'm using 1st and 2nd degree because all coins are in different wave patterns....wave 1's, 3's, 5's, iii of 3...it all depends. But they are moving in somewhat of a union in time, so I'm lumping them together in 1st, and 2nd degree. 

I'm going to stop answering a questions about winter, because I am watching several topping regions for BTC, and I have no idea right now where each coin will be in those regions. We've seen some run ahead (ZEC, MCO for example). Others will likely do ths. This is the variable of time I have no control of. But I want to trade skew because those charts with big numbers with respect to fibs, will 'pull' charts along. 

Meditate on these labels on the chart, which was arbitrarily chosen. 

DGBUSD - Primary Analysis - May-19 1635 PM (1 day)
DGBUSD - Primary Analysis - May-19 1635 PM (1 day)
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