Go Decentralized? - Market Analysis for Jan 4th, 2018

Don't take this as a recommendation of a site in general but I've used both with success.  If new to trading blockchain, this may not be easy for you, but it might be time for us to start to migrate to decentralized exchanges at least until these centralized exchanges scale. For those new, decentralized means you are responsible for securing your assets.  The issue is the amount of new users to Bittrex and Binance, which of course means a correction is coming has just overloaded centralized exchanges. Note: don't react to that last line, but watch supports and targets. 

When trading on such exchanges, my assets come off. For etherdelta on to my MEW + ledger wallet. For bitshares to the respective wallets.





Ryan Wilday hosts the Cryptocurrency Trading service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.