GBTC MOMO- Layered Signal

I'm going to start testing a layered signal on the Momo Up. Forgive if this is not clear but I'm happy to answer questions. The signal is going to be a micro signal for partial profit taking in the middle of a momo-up signal. A sign of success is not chopping you out and back in higher. Therefore my measurement is going to be upside down. For example If you it takes you out and forces you to go back at 3% higher, the signal returned -3%. 

For now I'm just going to say Micro Sell / Micro buy. 

These signals are Momo-up dependent, so Micro buy is not valid without a Momo up, though it may occur before a Momo up and prove valid. More often than not micro buys will fail in this condition. 

The question here is whether we can preserve even more profit and increasing the value of Momo up with some relative position risk metrics. I'm now highly sensitive to the gap downs in GBTC so I'm pursuing this wholeheartedly. 

Machine learning has not been applied to this but is the result of some study but likely will in the future. 

Right MOMO is up and micro buy. 

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