Further Clarification - Market Analysis for Mar 4th, 2019

I have sensed a lot of confusion in the ETH and BTC posts. I want to double down on clarification. 

1) $111 ETH and $3500 BTC are critical support for wave 2 of our wave three. Supports are not targets. That doesn't mean I'm not buying unless we get there. If the market is more bullish it won't get there. 

2) I am still tracking the expanded flat where we topped in a B wave not a wave 5 (5 was lower than B), and we can wrap up this correction on this final move down. (BTC doesn't necessarily need another wave down). This precludes getting the 'full white' count down to the support areas above. 

The charts of many coins support not seeing those lower levels. 

3) How do I manage these alts? If I see an impulse between our low, wherever it is struck, and the recent top, I will set an entry and stop and not wait for lower support. 

Until then, I'm patient. 

Does that makes sense?

Ryan Wilday hosts the Crypto Waves service on ElliottWaveTrader.net.